Greek Mythology: Apollo

Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto. Brother of Artemis. God of light, inspiration, music, prophecy, medicine and law. He’s connected with wolves (Apollo Lycius) and dolphins (Apollo Delphinios). He is also known as Apollo Lycius (Lykeios), Apollo the Wolf God. His birds are: Raven, Crow, Hawk; Trees: Palm and Laurel. He was given his lyre from Hermes. 

He was born under a palm tree in Delos. Delos is the center island of the Cyclades. Delos was once floating under the sea, until Poseidon raised it up for Leto to give birth.The story goes:

Leto is the mother of Apollo and Artemis. Hera was jealous of her because she was pregnant with Zeus’ children, so she made it so that all the lands of the world take an oath to not receive Leto. As a result, Poseidon brought up Delos, which didn’t take an oath, so that she could give birth to Apollo and Artemis. 

Some historians have a theory that Apollo came down from the North = Hyperborean Theory. The Hyperboreanswere worshipers of Apollo who came from beyond the North Wind. The myth goes: when Apollo was born, Zeus wanted him to go to Delphi. He gave Apollo a chariot but instead of going to Delphi, Apollo went to Hyperborea to the north before going to Delphi. 

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